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Kid Boosters

Kid Boosters
The Kid Boosters Program was founded by Judy Fons and Bill Hughes in the summer of 2012. It is their collective vision that the fund will advocate for all Greendale children, regardless of their circumstances, to develop to their full potential.

The fund began in response to the increasing number of Greendale children and families living in tough circumstances. It is also their vision that it will be a means to advocate on behalf of children and young people who need a boost. Up to 30% of Greendale children now live in poverty. This means that an increasing number of families in our village have less than adequate access to simple but critical things like reading books at home, healthy foods, a place to play and exercise, being able to go on a field trip, attending a park and recreation program or camp, or having a new coat or shoes.

Kid Boosters serves to:
  • advocate to the Greendale Schools and our Village to engage their students with effective teaching practices and recognize the changing needs of families
  • champion that every child deserves a fair chance and that community, faith groups, the village and schools are responsible for finding a way for every child to have what they need to be successful in school
  • support parent and community education opportunities through Partners for Community Action to give parents and caregivers the information and tools they need to advocate for their child’s learning
  • offer ways for parents and community members to get engaged in helping kids learn both inside and outside of school through Partners for Community Action
  • introduce kids to the power of artistic and athletic expression – helping to enrich learning and cultivate skills
  • help to make sure that children don't stop learning during a crisis by offering support and hope
  • help to keep kids healthy so they don't fall behind or drop out

Kid Boosters is a fluid program that is designed to evolve as needs arise in our Village. We can:
  • provide basic needs such as clothing and food
  • help fund school supplies that are not otherwise provided for
  • help with interventions that may be necessary but families do not have the resources to provide for (tutoring, health-related issues, extra family support)
  • provide collaboration to help support and engage others to help meet the needs of families
  • help provide funds for children who cannot attend or participate in special events due to family circumstances (symphony, live theater, etc.)

*Kid Boosters will not finance school fees, sport fees or any activity that the school should morally be responsible for.

**Financial assistance is subject to available funds and will only be made available to children and families enrolled in the free and reduced lunch program and distributed at the discretion of the Kid Boosters grant committee.